Where are we  now?
Greer Marns, wrote on December 11, 2016:

Where are we now?

One thought on “Where are we now?

  1. Marina Luccioni, 04 March 9:15 pm

    Hi Greer and Jaya,

    This is Marina (from the horsebackriding place in Ruapuke). It was great to meet you both briefly today and I’m glad you had a good ride! I read a few of the posts from this blog and I think they’re great. Jaya I love all your ones about animals and I wish I’d been doing that too when I was 9!

    For sailing/if you happen to run into any family looking for crew, my rough plan is to be around New Zealand until May and then go to PNG afterwards. That said though, I’m really flexible and am very happy to change them if anything comes up!

    I have experience being on boats for weeks at a time but not (yet!) as crew on a proper sailboat. Otherwise I also like spending time with kids, and did a lot of tutoring when I lived in London/China. I make short videos a lot so can tech kids how to use iMovie/other video editing software too if they’re interested. Or for older kids who are doing SATs/uni exams, I just enrolled at Stanford in the USA so could give pointers there too!

    Thanks for showing me the blog and have a really great rest of your adventure around NZ!
    My email is Marina.luccioni@yahoo.co.uk or on LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/marinaluccioni

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