Greer Marns, wrote on August 22, 2015:

Two Nights in L.A!

We left Melbourne on Tuesday (18th) morning and arrived in L.A even earlier on Tuesday (18th) morning… the kids loved that! Our research into luggage storage at LAX wasn’t quite thorough enough and it turns out there isn’t any! We found a van that could take all our gear and headed out to Venice beach… Had a wonderful two days at Dawn and Delinger’s air bnb (luckily they had space enough in their garage for 7 large suitcases and a board bag…) We recovered from jetlag, cruised the strip on the coolest retro beach bikes, got mesmerised for hours by the skate-boarders at the beach skate park, witnessed a commercial being filmed on our street, watched the busking shows, ate the best Japanese food we’ve had for a while, swam in the Pacific, rode up to the better groomed Santa Monica, hung out at the beach gym for hours playing on the equipment and watching the flexing muscles……found a bulletproof coffee bar, walked around soaking up the culture of Venice and even got a ride to the airport in a classic piece of American history (61 Chevy)… the perfect stop over! loved it :-)






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2 thoughts on “Two Nights in L.A!

  1. R&YMorris, 03 September 9:09 pm

    Wow ! That’s a real Pipe Dream Periodical +++. Was Panama and housework a bit of a contrast ?

    Stock Exchange bit dismal this end.

  2. Martin Webster on Facebook, 04 September 11:07 am

    Nice one Morris family. Your treading where many dream. Looking forward to some footage of the outremer fully cranking across the pacific.

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