admin, wrote on June 6, 2015:

The Naked Fig Reborn :)

So today, we settled the sale of our first BIG cafe….something that took us 6 years of negotiations to secure, 1 year to build and $2.5m!



And within 3 hours we had an offer accpeted on this….

So it looks as though the Naked Fig has been reborn as a very fast floating home for us…although nothing is certain until Russ heads over to Panama doing some marathon flights to go check the boat out with a marine sureyor in tow…..Watch this space :)


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One thought on “The Naked Fig Reborn :)

  1. Belinda, 30 August 9:52 am

    Beautiful boat! Travel safe and I’m jealous of all the cool worldly foods you will be munching on! If you need anything sent over to you don’t forget… my bags are ready! 😛

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