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Bon Voyage Playgroupies!

A lovely send-off for us by a wonderful bunch of unique and special peeps….   



Classic John… Swanky all the way… Framed by red roses, bottle of Moët and wearing the suit jacket… No one would ever know he came straight from a day of pruning….. 








  20150725_155824 20150725_152859 20150725_152900 20150725_153809 20150725_154025 20150725_155745 20150725_150742 20150725_150754 20150725_152714 20150725_152858 20150725_155812 20150725_155813

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4 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Playgroupies!

  1. Neil Porter, 27 July 8:08 am

    Have saved the page and the date! Looking forward to more awesome photos.
    Safe trip you awesome rockers!

    Liven the dream!

    Love the Porter Streets

  2. David Readhead, 27 July 10:56 am

    Russ & Greer, sorry I missed the farewell but a huge Congratulations for LIVING YOUR DREAM. Have fun and look forward to your blog and crossing paths again. ENJOY?

  3. Claudia, 15 August 12:15 am

    Have an adventure and travel safe

  4. Kaylee, 15 November 12:26 am

    hello Kai.
    how is your trip going? it looks like so much fun.
    from Kaylee
    soccer roos

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