Greer Marns, wrote on August 18, 2015:

A Quick Stop In Melbourne (15.8.15-18.8.15)

A few days in Melbourne was the perfect pit stop after an intense couple of weeks of late night packing and logistics! Ralph and Yvonne (Russel’s mum and dad) who, having circumnavigated themselves in the nineties, were the perfect people to hang out with as we contemplate the next 18 months! We got to pick their brains on last minute sailing and medical gear and listen to the sailing stories with a renewed relevance. We celebrated Lisa’s birthday and played a hilarious, family, 3 team (6 handed) card game of 500. We caught up on sleep and Yvonne’s nourishing soups, visited (Russel’s cousin) Flick and Andy and got to see Flick in action in her (jewellery) studio. We soaked up the breathtaking view at McCrae, grabbed a few beach walks, repacked 3 of our (overweight) suitcases and we were off! Thanks to Yvonne and Ralph for the 4am wake up and drive to the airport with our ridiculous amount of luggage! Red heart  

DSC0078511_thumb.jpg IMG_05901_thumb.jpg IMG_05891_thumb.jpgDSC00723_thumb.jpgDSC00728_thumb.jpgDSC00730_thumb.jpgDSC00745.jpgDSC00741_thumb.jpgDSC00729_thumb.jpgDSC00731_thumb.jpgDSC00753_thumb.jpgDSC00767_thumb.jpgIMG_0494-0DSC00755IMG_0508-0

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